Chekhov collection Spektr

10 Shades of the Mysterious Russian Soul

A brilliant playwright and a short story genius, Chekhov explored the intricate relationships between humans and nature, past and future, inner and outer.

In this Fall/Winter collection, we drew our inspiration from the essence of the “mysterious Russian soul” that lies hidden between the lines of his masterpieces — its bright, hopeful colours showing through the veil of deeper, nocturnal shades.

Each shade in thу palette bears the name of one of Anton Chekhov’s prominent works.

Choose your favourite or collect them all.

OGP-237 Chameleon — Tasteful and urbane, this timeless green is symbolic of inner harmony and spiritual growth

OGP-238 Late Flowers  — An autumnal caramel brown that adds a sense of nostalgia to the palette

OGP-239 Wood Demon — An earthy, solid brown imparts a sense of stability

OGP-240 Cherry Orchard — A powerful merlot red, Cherry Orchard combines heartiness with genuine elegance

OGP-241 Swedish Match — A warm, toasty brown with a tinge of invigorating orange

OGP-242 Enigmatic Nature — A thoughtful blue-based purple, Enigmatic Nature is evocative of the evening sky

OGP-243 Darling — Bold and flirtatious, this daring fuchsia creates a presence that can’t be ignored

OGP-244 Seagull —  Reminiscent of creamy seafoam, this sandy off-white evokes feelings of lightness and freedom

OGP-245 Sailor's Story — This cloudless blue reassures us with its promise of a new day 

OGP-246 Sinner from Toledo — A feisty and exciting red, Sinner from Toledo imparts sensual energy and adds some drama